I welcome you to my website.

My work consists of different period and styles, always searching for the right tension between colors and shapes. Mainly am inspired by the basic concepts of the Bauhaus style.                                                       

In my paintings I dispense with details and I reduce the motifs to their basic shapes using straight lines and geometric figures to provide an absolute aesthetic harmony. 

I hope you like the sample of my work that I present.  



I was born in 1959 in the beautiful Spanish city of Seville. As a child my big   brother gave me a box of pastels color, he could never imagine the impact would have on me. From now on drawing was my favorite thing and experimenting with colors my passion. At the age of 15, after winning a competi-  tion of drawing in my home city of Seville my career as artits began.               

In 1973 I move to Gran Canaria. Over there I took some courses of account accounting  but I have never exercised this profession because I changed the accounting books for the art books.               

In 1981 I presented my first work in Playa del Ingles. This was followed in 1984 and 1986 exhibitions in my home town of Seville.              

In 1986 I move to Berlin. I open my own Gallery in Schöneberg, I could show  my art for some years. In this time I was inspired by the fundamental view of the Bauhaus style with that I can enhance the chromatic components and the structural form to consolidate the value and the power of expression.              

In search of perfection, in the mid 90´s I came in close contact with realistic painting. That´s why in some of my painting I converner both styles.                   

Recently I discovered the digital technique, which helped me, to expand even more  my artistic panorama.







Name:      Fernando Baisón

E-Mail:  baison.modern-art@gmx.net

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